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Since 2007, the foundation annually organizes the Smalltalks conference and other related events. Here's a glimpse of the previous editions.


Smalltalks 2022 Call for Papers


This year, in addition to traditional technical talks, FAST has organized a Workshop were researchers are invited to submit papers, which will be evaluated by specialized reviewers.

We have chosen the Workshop format to let authors get early qualified feedback of their work without preventing them from presenting in other conferences or publications, since this format does not imply exclusive submission.

See the details here.

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Smalltalks 2022


Call for registration, talks and sponsors!

Greetings everyone,

The Smalltalks conference is back in Argentina! From Nov 9th to 11th at the 0+∞ building of Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, UBA , Buenos Aires.

We will celebrate the 50 years of Smalltalk-72 with Dan Ingalls , its main developer, Gilad Bracha and many others.

Feel free to register already or submit talks. We welcome all types of presentations: commercial products, experience reports, tooling, virtual machines, research, frameworks & applications, education, etc.

You may also consider becoming a sponsor as that is what allows the conference to be free and accessible to everybody.

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