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Smalltalk Talks


We would like to invite you to join us at the itinerant Smalltalk talks organized by FAST.

The aim of these series of virtual events is to share and discuss recent developments in Smalltalk-related technologies.

They will be held every one or two Fridays in two-hour blocks, and will consist of technical talks (with the possibility of adding hands-on and pair-programming sessions).

We encourage you to start thinking about:

  • Talks you want to present

  • Workshops you want to organize

  • Assistance you might be able to provide

We will be releasing more details on this shortly, but there's no need for you to wait, contact us about sponsoring options now! We will post the updated information on our website and social media accounts, but we'll also make sure to let you know by mail.

We are continually updating this page as we are finalizing the details.

FAST Foundation