We are Smalltalkers and we love it ♥

Since 2007, the foundation annually organizes the Smalltalks conference and other related events. Here's a glimpse of the previous editions.

You can reach us in the Buenos Aires Smalltalk slack community. Join us using this link.


Smalltalks 2023 videos


Hi! Smalltalks 2023 videos are here!

We will be adding subtitles in the coming days.


FAST Foundation

Smalltalk training material


Hi everyone. As part of an effort to improve the induction of new developers to Smalltalk, Maxi is compiling a list of websites/links/tutorials that will be then published in the FAST website.

He'd like to have your suggestions on sites, blog posts, tweets, online courses, tutorial videos, that you would recommend newcomers to Smalltalk, to help them quickly grasp what's important, how to think about their solutions, and also how to make the transition from other languages.

If, in thinking about answers to these questions, you come up with material that is better aimed at experienced Smalltalkers to learn about some specific task (like using Docker with Smalltalk, working with microservices, solving difficult debugging situations, etc.) do send them as well! We can always start a section on that as well, even if it's not the current focus.


FAST Foundation

Smalltalks 2023 ended


The conference is over, but not the work attached to it. We're processing the talk videos and they will be available in the FAST's Youtube channel as soon as possible.

Thank you to all the sponsors, speakers and atendees for sharing this experience. See you again next year.

FAST Foundation

Smalltalks 2023


Call for registration, talks and sponsors!

Greetings everyone,

The Smalltalks conference is back in Argentina! From Nov 6th to 10th at the UNQ, Quilmes, Buenos Aires.

Feel free to register already or submit talks. We welcome all types of presentations: commercial products, experience reports, tooling, virtual machines, research, frameworks & applications, education, etc.

You may also consider becoming a sponsor as that is what allows the conference to be free and accessible to everybody.

Thanks for sharing the news!

FAST Foundation