About FAST

FAST is a non-profit foundation that promotes activities connected to the Smalltalk programming language. FAST's founding members, as well as a large group of collaborators, have been supporting, promoting and publishing the work of the Smalltalk community since 2007.

The foundation works on 3 complementary areas: Software Industry, Professional Education and Development, and Scientific Research. FAST's wide focus includes Argentina as well as other countries in South America.

What we do

The foundation achieves these goals with a multi-faceted approach. Since the integration of various Smalltalk teams is essential, FAST organizes the Smalltalks conference each year..

The foundation and its sponsors strongly supports the community by providing travel arrangements for the audience, inviting internationally recognized speakers, and taking care of the event's costs so that the conference is free. The foundation also supports Smalltalk community members in their endeavors.

Interview with Leandro Caniglia and Hernán Wilkinson

ESUG Barcelona 2010

In ESUG Barcelona 2010 Leandro Caniglia and Hernán Wilkinson were interviewed by Jordi Delgado. They offered a quick glance at the beginnings and evolution of the Argentine Smalltalk community which gave birth to the Fundación Argentina de Smalltalk (FAST).